Everyone makes mistakes as they move through the job search process.  Mistakes are common because the overwhelming majority of seasoned executives lack experience when it comes to looking for work.


Here is a Critical Career Management Alert:

Frequently, applicants fail to comprehend or even ask questions about an organization’s culture during the interview process. 

As more companies shift to behavior and values interviews, there is one mistake that can be career-limiting, worse case, career-ending.  The biggest, the most dangerous elephant in the room is the culture issue.  

In my more than 25 years of recruiting CEOs and other senior executives, I can count on one hand the number of executives who have initiated a conversation regarding a prospective employer’s culture.

“They left to pursue other opportunities.”

Company Spokesperson

If you dig down into why executives suddenly depart an organization, or if their departure occurs within the first 24 months, there is a high probability that the reason is directly related to a cultural clash.  This is especially true for confident CEOs who believe that they can quickly corral a new organization’s culture and bend it to their will. Leaving to pursue other opportunities is often code for the departing executive was not a good fit.

As you pursue jobs, work with a career coach or your trusted career management advisor to identify questions you should be asking regarding a specific employment opportunity.  To do this is to avoid a painful and embarrassing career speed bump or worse.

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