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Ageism Is Real! Here Is How to Beat It

This free course will provide useful tips to fight age discrimination in your job search. If you want a more intense level of support, sign up for our GuidingYourCareer Premium Career Transition Course with in-depth online, on-demand courses supported with weekly live one-on-one coaching sessions with John Self and monthly live Meet Up sessions with other members of the GuidingYourCareer Academy family.

3 Tips to Elevate Your Video Interview Performance

Many job applicants lose out in the video interview. They simply do not take it as seriously as a face-to-face interview.

Big mistake!

Learn how you can avoid crashing into that brick wall. Download the CORE+CATEGORICAL Interview Worksheet, a common sense approach to preparing for job interviews. If you need help, arrange a free call with John!

Anxiety Builds as High Court Decision on Loan Forgiveness Nears

Like all Supreme Court decisions of late, the ruling on whether President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is Constitutional will generate debate and no end of criticism.

Problems with loan servicing, questionable practices with forbearance as well as the impact of the Pandemic may propel the Court to rule that only Congress has the authority to legislatively provide relief. The current debate on spending in connection with the debt limit bill makes Congressional action unlikely.