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An Exceptional Example

Today is a special day for America, a holiday that celebrates our independence.

We like to think of our nation as exceptional, and, true, today, there are many remarkable things about this country.

But we are rapidly becoming a nation where an exceedingly small percentage of the population holds much of the wealth. A wide swath of our country is frustrated and increasingly alienated.  Not a good sign. 

As we celebrate this fourth of July, American entitlement threatens American exceptionalism and the values that helped this nation thrive.

As we think about this day and reflect on what it means to be a US citizen, perhaps the words and wisdom of a once desperately poor Senegalese footballer, now one of the best players in the world who earns $10.2 million a year, will cause us to rethink what it means to be exceptional.

3 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job Today

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If you are considering taking advantage of today’s white-hot job market for a higher salary, better benefits, or a more favorable work culture, now is the time to tap the breaks.

“So Why Postpone Leaving Your Toxic Job Now?”


So why postpone leaving your toxic job now?  

With millions of workers quitting their jobs every month and most quickly finding new ones, the Great Resignation will probably come to an abrupt end.

  1. First, the Fed Reserve has a tricky balancing act – cut inflation without tanking the economy.
  2. Second, companies that were all in to accommodate post-pandemic market demand will overreact when the economy slows. 
  3. Third, most use the outdated “last in, first out” method for selecting which workers will be laid off.  Just look what happened at Tesla.  In the first weeks at the company, some new hires were unceremoniously kicked to the street.

Now is the time to be cautious.

BadManagers Fueling Employee Turnover

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A GoodHire survey earlier this year exposed what millions of employees who were quitting in the Great Resignation have been saying: bad middle managers made their jobs intolerable. Eighty-three percent said they could do their job without a manager, and another 82 percent said they would consider quitting because of a bad manager.

PR firm executive Ed Zitron, writing this week for BusinessInsider, said, “As the managers have gotten worse, the number of ineffective corporate traffic cops has swelled. There is now one manager or administrator for every 4.7 employees. This excess, Zitron wrote, cost companies $3 trillion a year.

While employment remains strong, the threat of a recession is causing companies to re-examine their expenses.

If you are a manager who does not directly contribute to producing revenue, you will be among the most vulnerable if widespread layoffs occur.

Do you have a plan if that occurs?

Sunday Night: Worst to Best

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For Bob, Sunday was the worst night of the week.  He hated his job and the law firm’s highly political, back-stabbing culture.  That he felt trapped and could not see a new career path just made it worse.

Until his wife stepped in. 

“I was stuck, and she encouraged me to make a plan to walk away.  She helped me realize that with three other degrees, including an MBA, I had the knowledge and the skills to begin a new journey.”

With the help of a coach and an insatiable desire to find a new career that ignited his passion, Bob said developing a new career strategy was a rewarding experience.

Today, he is a senior executive and corporate counsel for an innovative technology startup, a company Bob believes will make a meaningful difference.

Sunday is now the best night of the week.