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Sunday Night: Worst to Best

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For Bob, Sunday was the worst night of the week.  He hated his job and the law firm’s highly political, back-stabbing culture.  That he felt trapped and could not see a new career path just made it worse.

Until his wife stepped in. 

“I was stuck, and she encouraged me to make a plan to walk away.  She helped me realize that with three other degrees, including an MBA, I had the knowledge and the skills to begin a new journey.”

With the help of a coach and an insatiable desire to find a new career that ignited his passion, Bob said developing a new career strategy was a rewarding experience.

Today, he is a senior executive and corporate counsel for an innovative technology startup, a company Bob believes will make a meaningful difference.

Sunday is now the best night of the week.

Career Planning Should Be a Family Affair

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One of the toughest parts of having a career where promotion requires relocation is getting family members on board.

When the affected spouse comes home with the news, there is a certain amount of angst, especially if you have teenage children. If the child is a star athlete, captain of the cheering squad, or a leader in the drama club, this can produce a lot more than angst – outright rebellion and threats are frequently in the mix.

Having worked with dozens of families where a spouse was on the verge of accepting a better-paying job, I was surprised that parents had resisted even broaching the subject of relocation with their children even though they knew the day for change was fast approaching.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, career planning should be a family affair, a tradition that begins as early as feasible.

Faith and Hope Poor Substitute for Career Management

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When you dissect someone’s career hopes and dreams, it is surprising how big a role the word “hope” plays in their strategy. Faith also plays a role. An action plan, less so.

They hope to lead a major public corporation, for example. When pressed about their career plan or strategy, the word hope usually enters the conversation. For some, their faith is mentioned.  

Consider these ideas:

  1. The inflated economy is unstable. Can the Fed lead us to a soft landing? Possible, but unlikely.
  2. Will a recession produce layoffs? Probably, but the extent is uncertain.
  3. Is hope a good career Strategy? No. Hope without a plan usurps focus and action.
  4. “My faith will see me through.” Faith is important. But faith calls us to take action to grow.  
  5. Successful CEOs rely on a plan, not hope and dreams, to achieve their goals.

You are the CEO of your career.

Technology Tips for Career Networking

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Strategic networking is about meeting new contacts that align with your career plan. Whether at a reception in a crowded hallway, it is vital not to let these contacts who might be critical for your next job search slip through the cracks. The person you forgot you met or did not follow up with could be the connection that facilitates a critical deal-making introduction. 

Here are two technology tips to help make networking easier by eliminating easily misplaced business cards and napkins with ink-stained notes.

StayTouch allows you to tap a colleague’s telephone and exchange your contact information – an electronic business card. The app is free.

Ever forgotten a great idea or failed to follow up on a hallway meeting because you did not write it down? With Braintoss, you easily record a message or write a note that will automatically go to your email. 

There are others. Share your ideas.