Producer’s Note: To borrow the title of a song from one of John’s favorite jazz singers, Etta James: “AT LAST!”  It has been a journey. But now it is time.

In 2021, John realized that the Covid-19 shutdown would impact his traditional live coaching practice. His projection was spot-on. People became reluctant to spend $2,500 to $6,000 for help finding a job. So he identified a Plan B – online, on-demand coaching using a subscription model with lower monthly costs that the digital marketing gurus could scale. However, the open-heart surgery was not part of the plan, but at last, more than 18 months from devising the concept, we are ready to soft launch this week.  Learn more with this GotAMinute episode.

Later this week, we will unveil a new look for JohnGSelf.Com.  

The debut, delayed by my open-heart surgery in January, signals a new chapter for me and the firm – the launch of our online, on-demand career management and job search coaching platform. Guiding Your Career takes the effective career coaching materials that I have developed – 15 chapters with more than three hours of illustrated instruction — and makes it available at a substantially lower price than traditional customized coaching. Check out the introductory prices at JohnGSelf.Com later this week.

The new web page includes our daily GotAMinute video career tips and our archive of more than 1,000 written blogs. Each week we will be adding additional free information and insight to help you manage your career

Later this year, we plan to introduce a weekly live video stream and reintroduce our weekly Podcast. 

Stay tuned.