The saddest thing is a great personal gift left undeveloped, especially when that gift is communication.  

Your ability to communicate ideas will play a vital role in your career success.  From the job interview, a form of communication in which most people struggle, to speaking before key stakeholders or writing a game-changing book, your communication — writing and especially verbal, is critical.

Recently, I recalled an event from early in my career as a news writer.  A new colleague at Houston’s morning daily, who had just arrived from a small-town newspaper, declined to meet for a beer after work that night.  “I have a Toastmasters breakfast at 7 in the morning.” After the laughter had subsided, he replied, “I write stories.  I think I am pretty good, but I want to be better.”

He had a vision and a plan.

It is never too early or too late to start.