PRODUCER’S NOTE:  There is more to the job search process than being recruited and answering many questions.  Whether you are the employer or the job seeker, how well organized you are and how you execute your strategy are worth noting.  Bode sides are telegraphing post-employment truths.  

Your job search — as an applicant or the employer — needs to be well-organized, reflect current best practices, and your execution must be impeccable.  

  • Savvy recruiters look beyond an applicant’s credentials, experience, and record of accomplishment.  They also pay close attention to the job seeker’s performance during the search – did they meet deadlines, was their documentation perfect, did they do their homework, were they prepared for the interviews, and did they flawlessly execute?
  • If you are on the hiring side, how you treat applicants today will impact your company’s ability to attract the best talent in the years to come.  Today’s younger workers expect more from prospective employers than a better paycheck.  Common complaints include a flawed hiring process, erratic follow-up, and ghosting.  All reflect an appalling lack of professionalism. 

Whether you are the employer, or the job seeker, your performance matters.