1. Are you a good communicator?  
  2. How would you rate your impromptu speaking skills?
  3. Do you know how to engage an audience, large or small?
  4. Can you “close the deal’ and win the support of your team?

In the world of leadership, these four questions are as important as your ability in the other fundamentals of leadership, strategy to operations, and finance.  As the modern-day business climate evolves, a leader, particularly a CEO, who cannot communicate ideas, engage the workforce, and win people over, will face a more uncertain future.  The pace of change, the requirement to be nimble, and the war for talent will require leaders to have exceptional communication skills.

As a college student who aspires to lead, take courses that will teach you those skills.  If you are a mid-careerist with ambitions for career advancement, it is not too late to master this expertise.  It will be essential for your success