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Not all recruiters are bad. we get that, but…

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If you talk with job applicants, here are some of the common complaints:

  1. Technology is eliminating excellent applicants. Employers who rely on applicant Tracking Systems are not aware who is being eliminated by the machine.
  2. When applicants are eliminated by the Applicant Tracking Systems, they are not notified. Hence their use of the term “black hole.”
  3. Recruiters and employers are afraid to make a hiring mistake.  Hiring decisions keep being delayed. The employer cannot make up their minds.
  4. Poor communication from recruiters. One applicant shared this experience: “When I asked the target date for presenting applicants to the employer, I was told I did not need to know.” I was told I was a top applicant, but I still withdrew.

If you have had a bad experience in your job search, let me know. Sharing this type of information will help others avoid potholes.