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A recruiter calls touting a job he or she thinks you would be perfect for.  They may, or may not, know anything about your current job or experience.  They are casting a net.

To avoid wasting your time, here are three questions you should ask:

  1. Are you a contingent recruiter or are you working on a retainer?  If they are retained, they should know more about the position and the organization.
  2. Does the firm have an exclusive relationship for this position? If it is non-exclusive, be careful because are probably multiple recruiters trying to fill the same vacancy.
  3. What is the title and reporting relationship?  If this is not a promotion on paper, then do not waste your time. 

If the recruiter asks you to pay the fee, run, do not walk away from this individual.  Employers pay the fee.

If you have questions, contact me at YourCareerSuccess@JohnGSelf.Com.  We are here to help.