America is changing. The impact of Covid 19 is turning out to be more significant on American businesses than most people thought possible.
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We often refer to the post-crisis time as our new normal. This time the new normal will be transformative.

With their established trappings of success, traditional business models, once thought to be sacrosanct, are being turned on their ear.

  • Investment bankers, who once thought big deals could not get done without face-to-face meetings are busy closing massive transactions from the comfort of, not a corner office, but their office at home, and it is taking less time. 
  • Executive recruiters who once traveled extensively looking for top talent, are finding that virtual searches can be just as effective, taking less time at a lower cost   
  • Doctors who once insisted patients visit their offices are using video visits to protect their patients and expand the reach of their practice.

From a career perspective, be flexible, be adaptable. Economic recovery is right around the corner.

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