I am pretty good at interviewing but I am not getting the job.  What’s the issue?

There are three possible reasons you are not succeeding in  your job search.

  1. Your lack of relevant experience compared to other executives in the job applicant panel.
  2. Your references do not extol your experience and success.  They frequently do not connect  your success and experience with the needs of the client.
  3. You do not interview as effectively as you might want to believe.

IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING CALL BACKS from the submission of your resume then it is more than likely that your resume is derailing you.  That is, after all, your first interview.  If you are not customizing your Professional Summary at the top of  your resume to the specific job to which you are applying, that may be a big reason you are not advancing. 

IF YOU ARE GETTING TO THE TELEPHONE SCREENING INTERVIEW but not advancing after that, consider your energy level.  Record your interview and then play it back. Listen to the questions you are asked (and make notes for future reference) and then listen even more carefully  to your answer.  Are you on point?  Are you succinct?  Listen carefully for your tone.  Are you upbeat or is your voice flat? Did you convey an appropriate level of energy? 

IF YOUR ARE ELIMINATED AFTER THE ON-SITE INTERVIEW with the recruiter or the prospective employer, then the answer to your question is very simple:  you need to improve your interviewing skills.  

Are you successful in selling yourself when answering Core Questions such as “Why do you want to work with us?” or “Tell us about yourself.” Other Core questions include “Tell us about your weaknesses,” or “Describe your biggest mistake and what lessons did you learn?” In a crowded, competitive applicant field, the person who excels in conveying their value – how their skills can benefit the prospective employer in a compelling way – will typically get the job, even over a more qualified applicant who struggled selling themselves.

When an executive struggles in getting a job, the answer can be found in the interview and their interviewing skills.  They struggle telling their story.