Editor’s Note: Today’s question comes from King R. in Philadelphia.

You start by understanding your value proposition. You MUST understand that piece of who you are. It will drive how you communicate your value to others. Once you understand your value, then think about your experience, your successes and examples of those successes. Put it all into a a statement that you learn by heart — no more than 250 words.

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Here is one example for a very bright and capable community hospital CEO:

“I am the son of hard working parents, a farming family in rural Minnesota, someone who realized the importance of a good, vibrant rural community hospital when my dad nearly died of a major asthma attack when I was in high school. If it were not for that community hospital and the devoted staff I would have lost an important influencer at a critical time in my life and my daughters would not have had such a wonderful grandad to provide them with love and support. That experience led me to believe that rural/community hospitals are the backbone of healthcare in America and a rewarding place to have a career. It is my calling.

“I am a double-boarded healthcare executive with national certifications in hospital operations and physician practice management, two essential disciplines to ensure the success of a rural and community hospital in today’s challenging marketplace. I have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

“I am an executive who has consistently delivered solid operational, financial and clinical results with high scores in physician, employee and community engagement. I have a record of accomplishment in growing abusiness, enhancing revenue and maximizing the bottom line — the margin that funds our important mission. If you hire me, that is what I will deliver for you.”

This statement tells a story and provides focus as well as a record of success.

Hope this helps.