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Last week we talked about the difficulty of being effective in the telephone screening interview especially if you are a communicator who depends on visual feedback to maximize your performance.  I can’t help you with the lack of visual feedback but I can share a trick that will help you more effectively connect with the person conducting the interview.

Once you have the name of the person who will be conducting the interview, look them up on LinkedIn, review their background including where they went to school as well as some of their posts.  Then double click on their picture, it will expand, then print it.

During the telephone interview, stay focused on the photo. Communicate with the person in the photo. Don’t tell him or her the information, share and sell, connecting whenever possible how your experience and relevant successes match with what they are looking for.

But, a word of caution:  the screener has questions he or she needs to get answered. Be respectful.  DO NOT hijack the interview trying to sell yourself.

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