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In Tuesday’s Podcast, John outlined three essential rules for career management to avoid Turning Back the Career Clock.  Central to this podcast is the importance of identifying a long-term mentor who will deeply care about you and your career.

While intermittent mentors can certainly provide great insight, forming a long-term relationship with someone who will take the long-term view, someone who will pick SelfPerspective.LinkedInyou up and dust you off when you stumble, tell you when you are wrong when the need arises, or play devil’s advocate when you are unsure, will provide essential continuity.

No one argues against the value of this approach but finding someone who will make such a commitment is another matter. In Thursday’s podcast, John will offer some suggestions for beginning the journey to gain that sort of career counsel commitment.

On Friday, John is planning a post regarding the importance of having an onboarding coach and new employer navigator to ensure successful employment transition.  The number of executives who push back on this approach — declaring their independence and confidence that they have the ability to go it alone — is surpassed by the number of those who stumble, or are pushed out the front door  shy of a 24-month tenure.  It is a big number.

The truth is that the job market has dramatically changed and that the old school business model of recruit and then plug-and-play is sadly out of date. Clients are beginning to realize they can no longer afford the transactional model used by the vast majority of the mainline search firms. End-to-end  recruiting/onboarding solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. 

Thanks for reading — and listening!

The SelfPerspective Team