Here is the rundown for today’s podcast.

John reflects on his early career as a  reporter, editor and an investigative journalist for newspapers in Tyler, Lubbock and Houston Texas. He was loved what he was doing, even on the bad nights covering gruesome crime stories for The Houston Post.

When he changed to a “normal” job, first as Director of Public Relations and then as the first Director of the hospital’s new Life Flight emergency helicopter transport system, John remembers feeling a sense of sadness at leaving the world of news.  But those feelings were quickly replaced by a love of, and a passion for, his new work.

In his job today, he encounters people with passion for healthcare. From Dr. Forney Fleming, Director and Clinical Professor in the healthcare management graduate program at UT Dallas to current and would be CEOs and senior executives across the country.

Listen to learn an important leadership quality we should keep close to our hearts.  

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