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As healthcare providers, large and small, move toward accountable value-based reimbursement and population health management, those of us who serve those companies are preparing for change as well.  Like our customers, we, too, must be prepared to be more accountable — own the outcome, share the financial risks in what we do or recommend and, above all else, be flexible in responding to changing market demands.

JohnGSelf logo_colorBusiness as usual is not a solution for health systems, hospitals and other providers or for the companies that support them.

We believe that the old model of executive recruiting is nearing the end of its useful life cycle; 50 years is a long time for a business model to survive.  We are talking to clients who want more accountability to ensure they receive full value for the fees they pay, flexibility and convenience in how we help them address their talent acquisition needs and, most of all, innovation to help them stay out in front of the transformational curve when it comes to human capital issues.

I rarely talk about my Firm in this space.  But today, I am going to share with you some of the things we are working on.  I beg your pardon in advance for this self-serving moment, but frankly I am kind of excited about what we are doing, and very proud of some very bright people, our partners that work with us to make a meaningful difference.

Innovation, a willingness to try new things, is part of our DNA.  A hospital CEO once told me that if important industry change was occurring in the middle of a crowded freeway, he expected to see me there, dodging the cars, trying to understand it and drag it off the freeway where it can be useful to others.  I am not sure about his example, but I have always been that guy who is excited by change.  I will run to it rather than away from it.

We were one of the first executive search firms to offer clients a three-year placement guarantee for executive level personnel.  We are one of the few executive search consultancies that videotapes our interviews with recommended candidates so that clients can make a more informed selection of which candidates they want to interview on site, and we are one of the only search firms that offers a team-building workshop with the new candidate as part of our search fee.

Here is a brief summary on our changes:

  • Name Change – We have changed our name from JohnGSelf Associates, Inc, to JohnGSelf Partners, Inc.  This is more than cosmetic.  It is more than trying to capture a current fad in service company branding.  We are strengthening our links with valued strategic partners to bolster our service offerings to clients and executives.  This includes the addition of career transition services — outplacement to many of you — team building workshops, and unbundling of our recruitment and candidate screening resources for clients who do not need a full search.
  • Transition Coaching/Outplacement – We now offer a highly successful and cost-effective online executive and management corporate outplacement service that allows us to efficiently scale the transition coaching for one senior executive, with personalized service, or 250 managers.  Our team provides on-site support for HR departments as the reduction in force begins.  In one corporate takeover, our Practice Leader handled 250 senior executives and managers.  Everyone landed in a new position.  The JGS+ Partners program includes social media consultants to help candidates tap into the power of Internet recruiting.
  • Team Building Workshops – As part of the JGS+Partners professional fee, the Firm leads a half-day workshop, helping the new hire integrate with other members of the team.  Clients have praised the effectiveness of the JGS+ Partners approach.
  • Physician Recruitment Management – We help you reduce a client’s physician recruitment costs by offering an efficient one-source project management.  The value to JGS+ Partners’ clients is that we can source candidates from our internal resources as well as by using a co-broker/management process that means clients only have to talk with one recruiter, rather the 10 or 15 who call each week, without fear of losing access to those candidates.

We are determined to be the light at the end of the tunnel, not the onrushing freight train.