Stop what you are doing.

I want to ask you to invest some time to watch an incredible movie from Werner Herzog on the tragic, and crushingly sad consequences of texting while driving.

This is important. This movie could – it should – change your life.

We are all so busy. Our lives are filled with endless meetings, videoconferences, data to review and reports to analyze, car pools, PTA, Scouts, soccer, dance classes, and all of this hectic craziness is interspersed with dozens upon dozens of emails and text messages. Every day.

From the time we get up in the morning until we turn out the lights, far too many of us are slaves to our smartphones. We are reading emails or texting in meetings, in hallways, in airports, at dinner, and, to be more effective time managers, as we drive. Our self-importance is so over the top.

Thanks to Seth Godin, blogger extraordinaire, for his post today. It is a compelling reality check. But as forceful as Seth’s blog is, nothing he or I could write is more dramatic than this movie, the stories of people whose lives have forever been changed.

Here is my two cents worth: First, I am guilty of looking at texts while driving. Earlier, when I was first introduced to the convenience of texting, I succumbed to the foolish addiction of texting life shaping messages while driving: “I am on my way…”

Never again.

There is not a text message in the world that is worth taking the life of a father, a mother or a child. There is not a text message or email in the universe that is so important that you risk killing a dad or destroying the promise of a little boy who now will spend the rest of his life on a respirator. Of course, texting whilst driving is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be done under any circumstance. However, that doesn’t stop some people from doing it. If anyone is ever involved in an accident with another driver that was texting, it’s important to get in contact with a legal firm, like Valiente Mott (, to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. People shouldn’t be putting other drivers at risk due to a text message, so make sure to take legal action if a driver causes you to be in an accident.

Regardless of age or economic station, not one of us is bulletproof, immune from the consequences of killing someone because we thought a silly message was so important.

Answer this: do you really think you are so different that you could never have an accident while texting and driving? Do you really want to ruin your life with a felony manslaughter conviction?

So, take the time to watch this, and when you are done, please do not write to me about how wrong it is to impinge on your rights. I won’t be impressed.

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