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As I embark on my new venture at JohnGSelf + Partners,Inc. I want to share my commitments to my clients and candidates.  These value-driven pledges will shape how we manage and market our business, how we deal with clients, and how we treat candidates.

Accountability will be the bedrock principle of my firm.

As I move forward, I welcome your input.

  1. At JohnGSelf + Partners we are passionately committed to helping clients enhance their performance in talent acquisition and talent management.  We are dedicated to providing advice and services that will improve business results.  We will be accountable for the quality of our advice and recommendations.
  2. We will practice Transformational Search, an innovative integratedonboarding-based executive recruitment process that requires JohnGSelf + Partners to act as a true client partner, not just another professional services vendor.  This means we will share the risks, accepting accountability for the performance of the successful candidate for up to three years following their employment.
  3. We believe in, and are committed to, the process of Co-Creation, working hand-in-hand with clients and candidates to develop new ideas, processes or services that will strengthen their performance in acquiring, managing and retaining top-performing talent. We believe that, going forward, value will be increasingly created by the Firm and our customers working together.  Our relationship will be more than a series of transactions.
  4. We will conduct ourselves in a way that protects the client’s reputation and their brand, especially how they are viewed by potential employees.  We will be, at all times, an exemplary representative of the organization, a responsibility that we proudly accept.
  5. We will treat candidates with respect.  We pledge to provide them with a project timeline at the start of their evaluation process.  We pledge to tell them the truth and to communicate with them on a weekly basis. At JohnGSelf + Partners , we promise never to forget what it is like to be a candidate or how it feels to be eliminated from consideration.
  6. We will be accountable for the quality of our work and the performance of the candidates we recommend.  Executive search is an expensive proposition.  Clients deserve more than a panel of “safe” candidates who meet the selection criteria.  They deserve candidates who can and will produce results and lasting value.  We will be accountable for these results.
  7. We will formally communicate with our clients on a weekly basis.  Our team will be available seven-days per week to answer questions or resolve problems.
  8. We are committed to helping clients strengthen their team.  We would rather help them enhance the performance of their team than to conduct a more costly replacement search that will disrupt business performance.
  9. We will provide the client’s human capital team access to our highly successful recruitment processes to help them strengthen internal recruiting so as to conduct successful searches that are more appropriately managed internally.  We will teach them how to find real solutions, not just candidate “fills” for a job order.
  10. We will work with the client’s team to design strategies and programs that will accelerate the performance and success of new hires so they will quickly create a bond with the new organization, maximizing their potential and reducing costly turnover.

For the past 16 years, I have built strong client relationships around these values.  At JohnGSelf + Partners I promise that we will take these core principles and our performance to the next level, focusing on improving the business performance of all our clients.

In other words, with credit to the Harvard MBA oath, we will place the needs of our customers first, ahead of our own convenience.