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 The war for talent has begun.

Here are some key questions healthcare CEOs should be asking.

  • Can you compete for the best and brightest talent at each critical position?
  • Is your organization ready to respond when a key leader resigns unexpectedly?
  • How well does your executive search firm know your organization?  Are they willing to invest their time and expenses to learn, to be prepared when you must respond?
  • How large is your search firm’s “lock up” or “off limits” list?  Can they deliver the best people in the market for your position?
  • How involved are you in the human capital aspects of your organization? 

  • Is accountability hard-wired into your talent acquisition process?
  • A repeat of THE critical question:  Can you compete for the best-in-class leaders and managers?

CEOs intent on winning their market must win this war with their competitors.  The organization with the best people will produce the best results if you also lead in retention and leadership development.


In conversations with the HR executives who get this trend, effective in-house recruiting will occupy a bigger slice of the human resource budget, matched only by the investment in leadership development and management training to ensure that once you find the best people, you keep the best people. 


Health Systems, hospitals and healthcare services businesses who win the war for talent will win their market.


So, are you ready for the fight?  How are you doing thus far?  Do you have any big ideas on this subject?  JGS