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This video will provide you with a strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a job interview.

First, a question:  Has this ever happened to you?

It was your dream job.

The job you were meant to have.

You crushed the interview. The hiring team sang your praise.  You went home to wait for the offer. 

Before I share the rest of this story, let me tell you about myself.  I am a former global executive recruiter with 27 years of experience.  I have interviewed thousands of managers and executives across 29 states and in six countries on four continents.  I have seen qualified people with great credentials and experience drop the ball, and I have seen other candidates with less glitter win the day with an exceptional interviewing performance.

So, let’s return to the story. 

Someone else got your job.  You got a two-sentence rejection email with barely a thank you for the time you invested.

You ask yourself: What the heck happened?  What did I do wrong?

First, forget about getting feedback from a recruiter or the employer, they are all risk averse.  

You must ask yourself:  What can I do to avoid this in the future?

I agree, you can’t afford to miss another great opportunity, but the odds are stacked against you.

Let me recommend you participate in one of our MOCK interviews. We will put you through your paces with challenging questions, and then provide feedback – in real-time or in a follow-up recorded ZOOM call. I will provide you with the kind of feedback you need and deserve.

I will also share some coaching tips and preparation strategies from our GuidingYour Career Premium Transition Course to help you take advantage of that next golden opportunity.

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