It may seem counterintuitive, but that snazzy multi-column Word resume template with the sleek screened graphics that you downloaded from the web, probably will not impress the recruiter or help get you the job. 


No one will see it.

The vast majority of employers in the US are now using Applicant Tracking Systems to process and evaluate resumes either with in-house systems or job sites like iHire or Zip Recruiter.  These ATS scanners powered by algorithms do not care what your resume design looks like. They are screening for content.

On average, seven in 10 resumes submitted online are never seen by a human.  The ATS scanners eliminate them based on conflicts with embedded design code, poor customization, and a low selection criteria match rate.

Focus on your content that addresses the needs of the prospective employer. Don’t get run off the road with the resume glitz