You know it.

The job market has changed. Right?

Once, managing your career was like navigating an open expressway.  You knew the rules of the road – you could speed up. Change lanes at will.  Slow down or even exit when it suited you.

Today, those options are disappearing.

Machine automation, supported by first-level artificial intelligence tools, is dehumanizing how you look for a job. 

In the past, career coaches waxed eloquently about the art of finding a better job.

Art? You know that’s crazy. 

Remember those wide-open freeways? Automation and AI are eliminating that available lane. 

All that traffic is jockeying to get into the two lanes that remain open.  That is what the management and executive job market looks like.

To succeed, you must have a plan, a Google Maps equivalent for your career that provides options to improve your journey.