This is not easy to accomplish, but if you follow these tips, invest the time in building relationships, and adhere to this straightforward game plan, you can unlock your potential, achieving greater career success and satisfaction.

Here are four steps you should take to elevate your career, enhance your satisfaction, and boost your happiness.

Spoiler alert:  Do not think the shortness of this list means it represents a quick and easy path to career success. 

That does not exist.

  1. Build and nurture a network of relationships.  Connections and contacts are not relationships.
  2. Establish a career plan with personal performance goals in addition to the KPIs established by your boss. Those are for the company.  These are for you.  Review your performance quarterly and annually with your spouse or partner.
  3. Keep a journal.  Begin each day recognizing those things you are grateful for.  Reflect on how you can improve professionally and personally.
  4. Be your best each day – in how you treat people and how you perform.

This simple game plan will set you apart