You are in high school, or college, and you meet someone.

You see each other, more and more.

Then bang.

The topic of marriage arrives.  That is what couples do, right?

So, you talk to your parents, then your pastor or priest.

Then you sit down together and make a life plan – what this means to each of you? 

Chances are, no.

After the meeting with the pastor and the I dos, the cake, the rice and the honeymoon, boom!  You’ve got to start figuring it out.

While the overall divorce rate is high, thanks to Millennials, it is declining.


Because many started out with a life and a financial gameplan. 

Now, lets talk about your career. 

Making a plan. You think you need one?

Life is tough enough without computers and algorithms deciding your future.

Yeah, maybe you do need a plan.