What is the most important thing to know when creating a resume?

The easy answer? Don’t forget to include your name, don’t misspell it, and don’t make stuff up – unless you are running for political office.

People hate writing resumes.  They will look for any shortcut or grab any advice just to get it off their to-do list.

There are so many variables that you cannot cram them into one easy-to-follow formula.  Stop looking for quick easy answers.

Some of the listicle presentations are out of date, superficial, or just plain misleading. 

Stop wasting your time when the presenter guarantees you success. That is like saying all employers, recruiters, and applicant tracking systems are the same. God knows that isn’t true. 

All resumes are not equal. The resume for a manager or executive is not the same as the resume for an entry or mid-level staff role.