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Who is this Millennial professional and why will you be captivated by her story?

Learn why you will be jealous of her career choice.

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Meet Madison Taylor.

In her previous life, Madison had an addictive job.  She worked in politics but the demanding hours — the 70-hour work weeks made her neglect every other aspect of her life, she recently wrote in Business Insider.

She quit her job and spent three months decompressing in France where she had studied through a college study abroad program.

When she returned to the US, a networking connection, a friend, told her about a job that was available in her company. 

That referral has changed her life.

She currently works from home in Las Vegas.

Her boss is in Chicago and is unconcerned that Ms. Taylor is not sitting in some dreary cubicle.

Her employer, the global marketing firm Publicis Groupe, is in Paris.

That is the game changer in this story.

In Paris where executives embrace a radically different culture than US companies.

She earns $80K and has a good retirement plan and healthcare benefits that are like other US companies. 

Then there is her boss who on her first day on the job told her, “We are not out here saving lives – log off.”  I almost cried,” Ms. Taylor confided. 

 “I have never had a boss who wanted to give me time off before.”

Work-life balance is integral to the company’s culture, she wrote.

In addition to numerous holidays, they also pay a portion of relevant continuing education, and their “Work the World” program allows their employees to work anywhere in the world for six weeks each year.

Now, in the US. it is common to hear CEOs derisively refer to the French business culture as being unproductive, antithetical to best practices of managing a profitable US public company.  

Many of those same bosses are fussing and fuming because their employees are pushing back against mandatory “return to office” directives. Some employees have quit rather than return to a world of long workdays, mind-numbing commutes, a frantic home life, and hordes of micromanagers who do not know any better because no one wanted to spend the money to teach them the right way to be a manager.

Now, if you want to be tried for corporate heresy, just happily point out that an increasing number of European and Australian companies are successfully introducing the concept of a four-day workweek without a cut in pay and without losing their competitive edge.

Imagine that.

It may be time for American business leaders to shift from the long-ago outdated command-and-control style to one of imaginative leadership. 

Now, a cautionary note:  if you raise that issue with your boss, you might want to be prepared to duck. 

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