“This is to inform you that our offer of employment, dated June 9, is hereby rescinded. 

We wish you well with your future endeavors.”

Short.  Not-so-sweet. 

This after four-month process that including submitting a resume, completing a complex online application, a screening interview and four in-depth encounters with various executives and team members.

Now, your calls to Human Resources, a Latin term for conflict avoidance, go unreturned.

What should you do?  What recourse do you have? 

Let us deal with the last question first. As a rule, you have no recourse.

Second, next time, before you advance too far in any search, verify that the compensation is in your wheelhouse, and that their employer reputation aligns with your values.  Google them, but Yelp can be a useful source as well.

Finally, never get down to one offer.  Keep filling your lead funnel until you begin your new job.