“Why are you still working for a company you do not respect, for a boss you do not like, making less money than you deserve?”


“I guess the right job just hasn’t come along.” God, I wish I had $5 bucks for every time I hear that sad line.

News flash: In today’s automated, AI-dominated job market, the right job probably will not just come along. 

Two things you must have:

  1. A robust professional network with whom you frequently engage and,
  2. An active presence on LinkedIn.

Using strategic networking 3.0 principles, your professional contacts should align with the targeted companies you would like to work for. Do not forget that many of the best jobs are never posted. So, you will need a strategically focused network to support your search and provide referrals.

On LinkedIn forget about the value of their once touted one-on-one relationships with contacts to support your job search, unless being ghosted more than 95 percent of the time really floats your boat.  No, the power of LinkedIn today, other than being a profit machine for Microsoft, is its properties as a digital billboard.  If you are, posting relevant content multiple times each week, you may draw the attention of automated candidate sourcing bots that are prowling the hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn profiles looking for the algorithm match made in heaven.

Or you can sit around and hope for the best as so many managers and executives do.

It is time for you to take charge. Break from the herd.  

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