Job seekers can avoid a lot of frustration and heartache if they will ask these two questions.

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Why do job applicants make mistakes in selecting a new job and what three questions can help them dodge dissatisfaction or an epic career derailment?

Hello.  I am John Self – a career coach who spent 27 years prowling the globe interviewing managers and executives.

For 28 years, this sad statistic has been the same:  40 percent of managers and executives hired from outside an organization were forced out or left within two years of employment.
Why? It had nothing to do with qualifications or experience.

There are three questions you can ask throughout the interview process that can help you avoid this career upset:

First, tell me about the culture of the organization. Listen carefully for the non-published explanations. Companies lie on their websites all the time.

Second, what is the turnover rate?

Finally, what happened to the last person who held this position?

Listen for consistency.

Do not be shy, ask.  You have the right to know