Jobs are won or lost at the interview table, but many managers and executives show up for critical interviews poorly prepared.

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Hello, I am John Self, a veteran executive recruiter who helps supervisors, managers, and executives find their next better job.

Based on my 27 years of experience interviewing thousands of managers and executives, here are four pro tips to ace that next job interview.

  1. Understand your value. If you do not understand this, it will be impossible for your message, and your answers, to be on target.
  2. Do your homework. A deep dive, not just a review of the job summary and the position description.  You must build a rich understanding of the challenges and the bosses’ objectives. You must ask the right questions in the screening interviews. 
  3. Be calm and confident, not cocky.  Tell the interviewer – educate them in a reassuring and knowledgeable tone about how you will address their problems, how you will lead the team, and how you will meet their expectations.
  4.  Rehearse. You will be more self-aware.

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