It is just a matter of time before this old fraud ploy resurfaces. Job seekers should be on high alert. Check out today’s GotAMinute below.

As the economy begins to slow, companies are beginning to lay off workers. Job seekers should be on alert for recruiter fraud. Here is a common play: fraudsters, posing as recruiters, attempt to take advantage of the anxious newly unemployed by promoting ghost job summaries. When applicants respond, the fake recruiters offer a glowing summary of the non-existent “confidential” position. They quickly request a resume and which is followed by a call extolling the job seeker’s chances. The employer is anxious to move forward, the job seeker is told. They then request a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license and social security numbers to fast-track a background check. Full stop. Never give a recruiter any personal information until you have verified the job and the employer.

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