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When asked about her career goals, the promising new hire, responded, “I want to be a leader”.

“What’s stopping you”, her boss asked? 

“Well, I am just a manager now, but I hope to work my way up”.

She was under the impression that leadership is associated with rank and title.

“You manage things. You lead people”.

Adm. Grace Hopper, 1906-1992

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, a brilliant Ph.D. computer programmer and engineer and respected leader served in the Navy beginning in World War II.  When she retired in 1986, at 79, the highly decorated leader was the oldest serving commissioned officer.

Admiral Hopper once said, “You manage things. You lead people”.

Whether it is a team, a shift, a department, or a company

The problem today? There are too many in the category of senior leadership who are nothing more than overpaid managers.