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Important Career Advice: Nervous executives, many worried about preserving their bonuses, are already planning for layoffs. Their angst may be premature since some of the typical recession indicators are not flashing red, but that said it is always a bad idea to get between an executive and his bonus. So we are advising our clients to be prepared: Better safe than sorry.” In addition, we have a portfolio of job search courses to help you become the job applicant everyone wants to hire if the worse does come to pass. If you take this course you qualify for significant savings if you need additional job search support.

Quiet quitting refers to employees doing what their job expects of them, and not doing more than what they get paid to do. 

  1. First, Gen Z and millennials are right.  Workers are getting screwed. Productivity is through the roof — 61.8 percent since 1979 while hourly pay has risen only 17.5. Clearly, the rising tide is not lifting all boats. So quiet quitting, on its face, seems more than justified.
  2. Point two is a cautionary note:  the great resignation is over. As the economy slows, managers will be looking to cut costs.  If you are seen as someone who will only do the minimum, that could be what pushes you to the layoff list.  In today’s economy, being undervalued is better than a meager severance and inadequate unemployment.