Don’t fall behind because you are not current with current job search technology and employer expectations. Everything is changing — at a high rate of speed, from how you design your resume to how to handle video and face-to-face job interviews. We can help you stay up to date and accelerate your job search.

Executives who enter the job market and are not current with applicant tracking system technology or interview expectations could slow their job search by six months or more.

In discussions with new job seekers, those who were informed and prepared versus those who began their job search using an outdated approach, the unprepared group lagged far behind in securing their next position.

When confronted with these facts:

  • People who apply online without the support of a professional network contact making an introduction have a 135-to-one chance of being hired, or 
  • Eight out of 10 resumes submitted online for a job are never seen by a human

They are unprepared job seekers are first incredulous and then doubtful. That can’t be true!  

Staying abreast of career market conditions is as important as your job performance.