The video production may be slick but there is no guarantee that the career guidance offered up by the photogenic host will be accurate. Our online content is designed to be easily updated to ensure you receive the latest information. Visit GuidingYourCareer at JohnGSelf.Com.

A free course on LinkedIn.

Thousands of views over a two-year period.

The content is shockingly out of date.

Damage done to career hopes and dreams.  Hard to calculate.

This is a message for anyone in the job market, or who may find themselves job searching in the next several months — laid off or looking for their next better career move.

Job search knowledge is changing, especially as it relates to your resume and the technology now used to screen applicants.

That is why we chose to use a Learning Management System platform to host our career management and job search instructional content.

When a change occurs that will impact your ability to compete, we will update our curriculum, so you have the most current information and strategy guidance available. 

Our content is comprehensive, and it is available for an affordable monthly subscription.