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A GoodHire survey earlier this year exposed what millions of employees who were quitting in the Great Resignation have been saying: bad middle managers made their jobs intolerable. Eighty-three percent said they could do their job without a manager, and another 82 percent said they would consider quitting because of a bad manager.

PR firm executive Ed Zitron, writing this week for BusinessInsider, said, “As the managers have gotten worse, the number of ineffective corporate traffic cops has swelled. There is now one manager or administrator for every 4.7 employees. This excess, Zitron wrote, cost companies $3 trillion a year.

While employment remains strong, the threat of a recession is causing companies to re-examine their expenses.

If you are a manager who does not directly contribute to producing revenue, you will be among the most vulnerable if widespread layoffs occur.

Do you have a plan if that occurs?