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When you dissect someone’s career hopes and dreams, it is surprising how big a role the word “hope” plays in their strategy. Faith also plays a role. An action plan, less so.

They hope to lead a major public corporation, for example. When pressed about their career plan or strategy, the word hope usually enters the conversation. For some, their faith is mentioned.  

Consider these ideas:

  1. The inflated economy is unstable. Can the Fed lead us to a soft landing? Possible, but unlikely.
  2. Will a recession produce layoffs? Probably, but the extent is uncertain.
  3. Is hope a good career Strategy? No. Hope without a plan usurps focus and action.
  4. “My faith will see me through.” Faith is important. But faith calls us to take action to grow.  
  5. Successful CEOs rely on a plan, not hope and dreams, to achieve their goals.

You are the CEO of your career.