Mark Shields died Saturday.  Some of you may remember him as David Brooks’ debating partner on the Friday edition of the PBS news hour 

He was an old-school liberal with an encyclopedic knowledge of politics who believed you should never demonize your political opponent’s love of country or patriotism.

In his earlier days as a political operative, he loved the idea of accomplishing something that would help the less fortunate.  

He had a sharp edge toward those who failed the responsibility of leadership, whether on Capitol Hill, Wall Street, or in America’s corporations.  

His sense of responsibility and his values regarding leadership were honed as a Lance Corporal in the Marines.

Mr. Shields once said, 

“Would not our country be a more just and human place if the brass of Wall Street and Washington and executive suites believed that ‘officers eat last’?” 

Yes, Mark Shields, it would.