PRODUCER’S NOTE: Better safe than sorry is advice my mum used to offer — whether I wanted it or not. Guess what? It was always good advice. In our uncertain economic times, when it comes to our careers, I agree with John’s video — it is better to be safe than sorry. Check out our new website: JohnGSelf.Com

Here is important career management advice in a time of economic uncertainty with the possibility of job layoffs.

A substantial interest rate hike and reports of layoffs with dire economic predictions from some well-known CEOs have thrown Wall Street into jitters and sparked growing anxiety about widespread layoffs.

OK, full stop. There are troubling signs, but Great Resignation continues. Millions of workers resigned in May. Most quickly found new, better jobs. 

Unemployment remained at record lows, but the economy is white-hot, and so is the global inflation rate.

Could recession and layoffs happen? Yes. Is this a certainty? No.  

We have been through this before.

So here is what I am advising our career management clients.

Do not panic. It is even too early to worry. But it is not too early to plan. 

The job market has changed dramatically. You will need time to learn and adjust if you do not know the new rules. Do not wait for the pink slip to act.