PRODUCER’S NOTE:  Talented professional sports teams lose games they should have won, even against inferior talent. The reason is usually mental  – they were not correctly prepared, or their mental focus was unfocused. John says this is a common occurrence in job interviews. Learn more. 

If your dream job is to be a construction worker or a long-haul truck driver, your chances are good you will fulfill that dream. There are more jobs than applicants. 

If your dream job is Chief Marketing Officer or CEO of a Fortune 100 company, there are fewer positions, and the competition will be much more intense. The window of opportunity is limited. 

To be considered, you must have years of relevant experience, an exemplary track record, and a successful brand.

But one more element you must have to succeed in competitive interviewing is the mental mindset to be thoroughly prepared and execute flawlessly. 

Failure on this point is why the majority of applicants fumble and stumble.

A winning mindset compels meticulous homework and thorough practice to avoid losing.

Competing for most dream jobs is time-consuming.

Don’t waste the opportunity. Be better prepared than everyone else.