PRODUCER’S NOTE:  Job applicants struggle with what to wear for an interview.  We have seen it all – from power suit and tie to what only could be described as nightclub minimalist! Three issues you should consider before showing up! 

John T. Molloy published Dress for Success in 1975 for men, and a women’s edition was printed in 1977. Together they formed the foundation for the concept of power dressing. The stereotypical power image for men was a blue suit, white shirt, and a red tie. There was little doubt about what you should wear for an important business event. For men, a suit, never slacks, and a sports coat.

Today the dress for success playbook is less clear. Business formal remains a constant for some industries. Then there is more common business casual with a range of styles and options or opinions.

What should you wear for a video interview? Or a face-to-face meeting?

  1. Do not assume anything.
  2. Do your homework for the industry and company norms.
  3. Ask the recruiter or internal contact. Be direct. What is the attire?

Being in sync is essential.