PRODUCER’S NOTE: Employee turnover is a big deal, but it is rarely reported to the Board, which can inadvertently reinforce an underlying philosophy that employees are an expense, not an investment. Hold yourself accountable and make this metric part of your positive story.

Do you know one of the most commonly overlooked but increasingly vital accomplishments on management resumes?

The ability to recruit and retain top talent.  

Believe it or not, that is missing in action in most management resumes.   In a time marked by the Great Resignation and labor shortages, prospective employers scrutinize that aspect of a leader’s experience and record of accomplishment.  

A leader’s ability to build and retain strong, productive teams will be a deal-breaker when it comes time to make the hiring decision. So do not forget to mention prominently this with your other quantifiable achievement.

Be ready to provide the interviewer with the turnover rate in your last three jobs. Not knowing that critical number will undercut the impact of your success as a teambuilder. That is one of those “truth verifier” questions, and stunningly, many people are not prepared to answer it.