PRODUCER’S NOTE:  Some people say video posts like today’s episode are too pessimistic. “We do not want to hear negative stuff” is a typical response. On the contrary, today’s post is not negative. It is an overview of how you can seize a competitive advantage in your career.  

When this is who you must convince to get an interview, you know the job market landscape has changed.

There are two types of applicants in today’s job market — a minority who understand the power of social media and digital marketing and the overwhelming majority who do not.

As the job market evolves, that minority will have a distinct advantage in competing for the best jobs.

In this market, there is no safety in being the majority. The faster you master these tools, the better off you will be with your compensation and career security, and within five years, this will not be an option. 
Artificial intelligence and machine automation will disrupt many white-collar jobs that we take for granted today. Hundreds of thousands of careers will be affected. 

Do not stay on the sidelines with these essential career management tools.

You can do this.