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Knowledge is essential

Experience is necessary

A successful record of accomplishment is vital.

And a strategic network that will help introduce you to prospective employers.

These are four must-have elements if you want to be competitive in today’s job market. But this is just a baseline.  

You need a resume that is ATS compliant and job specific. This is your first interview. If it is good enough, it will get you to the table – telephone, video, or face-to-face interviews.  

To succeed at the table, you need:

Actionable research on the company and interview team

Focus – Understand your value proposition.

Clarity with your answers.

Engaging style. Hiring authorities hire people they like.

Persuasion. You must sell yourself.

If you sit back in an interview and react to questions, you will end the day being disappointed. You must help the employer realize that you are their answer.