When John talks about the challenges of a job search, his former reporting mindset kicks in, and he tries to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Today, he is focusing on personal responsibility. Don’t waste time worrying about your competitors. You are the CEO of You.  

In a popular Instagram reel, the narrator, a small businessman, colorfully proclaims:

“I don’t even know my competitors’ names.

I don’t even know if they exist.

I spend zero seconds on it.”

If you can muster that focused discipline for managing your career or running your job search, you will be much better off.

This idea is no uplifting bromide. It is tough to master but necessary for you to achieve success and satisfaction.

The secret is to be the best you can be. I talk about the odds against you in a job search because it is a reality you need to understand, but pivot once you grasp that. Begin focusing on what you can do to develop your strengths, to more effectively sell your skills and the value you will bring to the job.

THAT entrepreneur knows HIS success is HIS responsibility.