PRODUCER’S NOTE: Performing your job and understanding how to find your next job are now equally important. Trying to get up to date on the changes in the job search market while looking for a new job is a fool’s errand.  

Lean forward into your potential.

This is a straightforward declarative sentence until you begin to think about the evolution of technology in the workplace and the changes in recruiting that have added significant complexity to such a noble career objective.

Here is a vital job search tip: You cannot succeed in your career unless you embrace how technology is reordering the job-search playing field and master this sea-change.

This is not knowledge that can sit on a shelf gathering dust. Successfully adapting to the new rules requires a deep understanding of the concepts, not just a list of nine or 10 step-by-step instructions you whip out when you want, or need, to find a new job.

Understanding and remaining up to date with the changes must now be an everyday part of your career, as important as your job expertise.