PRODUCER’S NOTE: A career journal is a valuable tool for reflective thinking regarding your decisions and performance as a leader. It can play a vital role in enhancing your performance in your next job search.

On Monday’s GAM, we talked about the value of keeping a career journal as a leadership development tool. If you did not see that episode, you might want to check it out at JohnGSelf.Com or our YouTube channel. 

Today, I want to share the benefits of your journal as a vital career management tool.

Here are tips that will support your career management:

  1. Keep an accurate record of your jobs, dates of service, supervisor’s name, and notes on performance reviews and raises. It is amazing how many people forget this information.
  2. A record of your key accomplishments. Recruiters prefer resumes that are chockablock full of quantifiable achievements for each position. Most resumes recruiters see are just mediocre. Recent jobs may be good, but good information from earlier positions is nonexistent.

It is unfortunate when you have to tell a recruiter, “I don’t remember.” It is a negative vibe you want to avoid.