Here are five commonsense rules for using text messaging in a job search.

  1. People and their messages are not always legit. Scams are increasingly common in recruiting. Do not give up any personal information until you confirm the legitimacy of the inquiry
  2. Be concise and to the point. Believe it or not, some companies conduct job interviews exclusively using text – no in-person meetings, no voice calls. Zoom? Out of the question!   Text only.
  3. A professional tone is critical with recruiters or employers; texting, with its inherent feel for informality, has tripped up more than a few otherwise promising applicants.
  4. Do not initiate contact with a recruiter using text. Nor should you use text in your interview follow-up communications. However, if the recruiter uses text to contact you, they expect a text in return.
  5. The challenge: communicate effectively, check your grammar, spelling, and autocorrect. No emojis. They can be misunderstood.