PRODUCER’S NOTE:  In 2012, John experienced a “who knew” moment. At that moment, he just thought he was technologically up to date. This is a great story. Tomorrow we will check out the etiquette and best practices for texting in business (for those who are not up to date). 

As a retained search consultant who was very full of himself in 2012, I was incensed when a young applicant who had been selected for a new job with a big jump in title and compensation was unresponsive. This was a big deal. I called, left three voice messages, and emailed him three or four times. Crickets.

Finally, with my client breathing down my neck to get an acceptance, I decided to use a communications tool I rarely used: a text message. 

Boom, he immediately responded. In one fell swoop, I demonstrated how technologically behind the times I was. With this pronouncement — no one will ever use text in business – I confirmed that being a futurist was not a career option for me.

Today text messaging is widely used, and now there is an emerging social etiquette and guidelines for texting and the use of emojis in business. Watch for Part two tomorrow.