PRODUCER’S NOTE:  No one likes rejection. But in the job search process, rejection is baked into the system. So why not take steps to mitigate that morale-killing sting? There are no strings to John’s offer to help get you on a positive, winning track. Set up a free time at JohnGSelf.Com

How often do you have to be rejected, or worse, ignored altogether, before you get depressed? It’s tough to be positive when you find yourself in a deep hole. 

There is a cast of thousands in this predicament every day.

No wonder people are less than thrilled when thrust into finding a new job.

I have a suggestion:  stop what you are doing.

Generic resumes, like that nice-looking document your resume writer forgot to tell you had to be customized for each job, rarely make it past the BOTs. Rejection.

Not having a professional network that can refer you to potential employers – rejection. Not understanding your value – rejection. The odds when you apply online are awful. 150 to one. Rejection.

We can show you how to fix this.

Schedule a free, no-obligation call with me, and I will help you reduce the rejection.